Alone you pulled through, few aids, but no real help.
Now you sit on money heap, so high, you raise your right hand you crack the moon.
You rocket to the sun to press your angel tailored suit, balm with cologne, whose emission distorts the thinking pathway of the wretched of the earth. They see you pass and they think you God, your word law and your presence awesome.
Of course, you do not notice them; for you walked on no one’s help to be here.
You are a self made man; they too can, if they can only try harder, you wish evil for no man.
Everyman has to earn his penny if it’s from your purse; haba! It was a long walk here
It’s no fault of yours, how they feel- suppressed, oppressed, intimidated -by the things you do, it is not intentional; all you wanted do was have fun and enjoy self after the suffers. Besides you have never acted with intent to harm any human, and you will never commit such act of madness. Yours cars, your houses, your possessions, words can’t describe and the cameras are still snapping
Mr. Self Made Man, walk joor! Na work you still they learn. I say you be learner!