Okparaolu Chris
Hundreds of hours ago, my phone had alerted me to an invitation. Reading through the IV I decided on going, little did I know that one of the G7s was billed to address us. He got talking -if you ask me- more from frustration than from passion, not composed; words fell off his mouth scattered like water from the cloud, but no denying the fact that his point was very well communicated. The issues he raised too, were germane and mind pricking. He reminded us that power was ours and that our silence was helping nothing. He re-echoed the words of Bob marley- Stand up, fight for your Rights- We all clapped and he made for his seat, it was time to respond, all we had to do was to write down our questions or remarks and hand them over to any of the well dressed ushers littered the hall over. I got out my pen, tore from my notepad, then I pressed the words of kwame Ture, on the piece of refined wood; ‘We cannot have the oppressors telling the oppressed how to rid themselves of the oppressor.’ It was hard remembering the exact words but I thought I had done my best, so I folded the paper, beckoned on the female usher, handed her the note and made my way out of the conference hall. Jumped into my car and zoomed off to that salon, my fur is been itching and I needed to clipper them. I sat in wait for my turn, the TV was on and so was the disc player, but the sound from the disc almost made the TV useless. On the TV displayed the screen of a political rally, I saw known faces, former governors, former Presidents, former ministers, and many other formers. I pleaded with others and we suppressed the volume of the Disc, only then did the voice of the TV assert its weight on the four corners of the small room now advertised as a salon. Now it was the leader of the party speaking ( also a former something something) ‘ we are set to take over power come 2015,’ he said, ‘ the opposition party is now more united than ever…’ I was tempted to pull him out from the TV screen and say the words of -I can’t remember who now- to him; ‘We cannot Leave those who created the Problem in Charge of the Solution.’